April 25, 2016


Why Custom Products are Important for your Company?

Here at Seattle Custom Printing we have believe that having custom printing t-shirts, or promotional products sets your company apart from your competitors.  It exhibits your commitment to branding as well as quality.  We believe there are 3 major ways custom products can boost your company:

  1. Team Cohesiveness – A team that dresses together shows you care about professionalism and quality. I don’t really need to go into all the details on why your team should all dress the same and look good while doing so.


  1. Advertisement – Providing the public or your existing customers with a unique and cool freebie promotional item with your logo printed on it is a great way for you to advertise. IF you find the right item to print your customers will keep it around for years into the future and tell their friends about it.


I have a great example.  A bar wanted a good way to promote without breaking the bank.  What we did was create custom shot glasses for around $1.35 each.  They ran a happy hour special for $7 get a shot of whiskey in the custom shot glass and then you get to keep the glass.  The kicker here was that they were only 1 ounce shot glasses instead of the typical 1.25 ounce and so they were almost breaking even on shot anyway!  The social media impact is huge because people can now take a picture of taking that shot and tell ALL their friends about it!  And do you think they threw that shot glass away?  No way, every time they have friends over they bring it out!  This is just one way we can print on a promotional item to create a positive long term impact on the business.


  1. EXTRA SALES – Customers are always looking for cool affordable clothes to wear. And if it promotes your business even better.  I have a local soup company that made a really cool design that incorporated a local landmark and a play on words and now they sell 100s of shirts at almost a 300% markup!  This isn’t just a small thing but a REAL additional revenue stream.

These are just a few reasons why we love what we do, but also why you NEED to have custom products part of your business plan.  If you need a quote or help designing a custom screen printed t-shirt, embroidered polos, or promotional item send us a line at http://seattlecustomprinting.com/2015/05/14/getaquote/